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Berkat Ambon, a non-profit organization, is deeply committed to providing essential assistance to the less fortunate in Ambon, Indonesia. This assistance encompasses not only basic needs like food and shelter but also extends to comprehensive medical services. Understanding the challenges posed by limited local healthcare resources, Berkat Ambon goes further by facilitating and financing the travel of patients and their families to Jakarta. This effort ensures access to superior medical care, including covering the costs of hospitalization, accommodation for family members, and transportation. Should treatments not yield the desired outcomes, Berkat Ambon compassionately takes care of funeral arrangements. This extensive support network is made possible thanks to the generous contributions from donors worldwide, reflecting a collective effort to bring about significant, positive change in the lives of those in need.

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Linda Mossel

Linda Mossel was born in Ambon and left Indonesia in 1980 to attend school in California (United States). She has worked and managed the Santa Ana Tustin Pharmacy for the last 26 years. Linda lives in Southern California with her husband Dave and daughter Sarah.


In 2016, Linda Mossel faced the daunting prospect of a major medical surgery. During her pre-surgery consultations, the compassionate staff at the hospital introduced Linda to a non-profit branch of the facility, which occasionally offered assistance with healthcare insurance deductibles. Although they cautioned that such aid was not guaranteed, Linda was encouraged to apply.

For weeks, Linda heard nothing and braced herself to shoulder the full cost of her deductible. She meticulously arranged her finances to prepare for the expense. However, just as her surgical date approached, an unexpected letter arrived from the non-profit. To Linda's surprise and relief, they had decided to cover her entire deductible.

This generous act sparked a profound sense of gratitude in Linda, but it also illuminated a stark reality. It made her reflect on the many individuals in Ambon who, without the means or adequate insurance, are denied essential medical services. Moved by her own experience and driven by a desire to extend the same kindness she had received, Linda channeled the funds she had set aside for her deductible into founding the Berkat Ambon Charitable Fund.


Her vision: to provide financial aid for medical services to the underserved and vulnerable in Ambon, ensuring that financial constraints never stand between a person and their right to healthcare.

This endeavor is not just a response to a personal benefit but a pledge to pay it forward, offering hope and tangible help to those in need.

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