About Berkat Ambon 

In 2016, Linda Mossel was required to undergo a major medical surgery. The nurses at the medical facility mentioned to her that the hospital's non-profit organization often gives discounts on her healthcare insurance's deductible. They informed her that it was unlikely that she would get the discount but she decided to apply anyways. She didn't hear anything from them for awhile so she made plans to pay the deductible. Shortly before she was to have surgery, she received a letter from the non-profit informing her that her deductible had been covered. While she was extremely grateful for the discount, it made her think about all of the people in Ambon that don't have access to medical services because they can't afford it or don't have good healthcare insurance. She decided to use the money that she would have spent on her deductible to start the Berkat Ambon Charitable Fund, which aims to help cover medical services for people in need in Ambon.

Linda Mossel


Linda Mossel was born in Ambon and left Indonesia in 1980 to attend school in California (United States). She has worked and managed the Santa Ana Tustin Pharmacy for the last 26 years. Linda lives in Southern California with her husband Dave and daughter Sarah.

The Mossel's

Sarah, Linda

Sarah, Linda, Dave

Milestones and Future Goals

We started small but hope to continue to grow and serve more Ambonese people throughout Indonesia.


Starting off

In our first two years, we were able to help 95 patients in Ambon receive medical services. 



In addition to helping cover medical services, we began offering financial support to widows and orphanages for the blind. As of today, we have helped 60+ widows cover living expenses for their families, and provide transportation for the orphanages.

2021 and Beyond

Our future plans

We pray that the Lord will lead us to many more people that need our help so that we can offer them spiritual and material help.

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