Berkat Ambon
Entrepreneur Fund

Empowering the Next Generation of Moluccan Entrepreneurs 

You have business ideas, we have resources.

The Berkat Ambon Entrepreneur fund is an initiative started by Moluccan entrepreneurs throughout the world. Our primary goal is to support ideas and emerging businesses that show potential to create jobs and other opportunities in Ambon. We award two monthly grants of Rp. 3.6 million to Moluccan entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Through Basudara Maluku Global, we also provide business workshops and mentoring programs to strengthen the region's existing entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as nurture upcoming talent.

This fund is made possible through donations from the Jaxon P. Salvant Foundation and Basudara Maluku Global.

Donations to the Berkat Ambon Foundation are not used to support this Entrepreneur fund.


Do you have an idea for a new business? Are you an entrepreneur currently working on an existing business? If so, we'd love to hear about it!

Every month, we award a grant of RP. 3.6 million to two entrepreneurs to support their business endeavors. You can use these funds for anything related to your idea or business---start a website, pay bills, cover personal expenses, etc. It is entirely up to you. 

There is only one criteria to be eligible: you must be a Moluccan entrepreneur based in Indonesia. 


How it works

Our application process is a simple 60 second form and a one-minute video pitch of your company or idea. On the form, you will be asked 7 questions relating to basic information about you and/or your idea/business:
1. Your current employment status
2. The industry you work in
3. Stage of your business 
4. What will you use this grant for? 
5. Top 3 Goals for Next Six Months
6. Full Name
7. Email Address

In question #8, you must submit a link to a 60 second video pitch of your idea or business. You can use YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, or any other video website. The link should not require a password or code. Your video will be kept private. We will not share this video with anyone but the decision-making committee. 

#8 - 60 Second Video Pitch Components
What is your company or idea called?
What does your company or idea do?
Why did you start this business?
How will you use the grant money?

Submission for each month closes on the last day of the previous month. We will announce the award recipient by the 10th of the month. For example, the applications for the October 2020 awards will be due by September 30, 2020. Grantee winners will be announced by October 10, 2020. 

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Meet Our Team

Natasia Malaihollo

Entrepreneur Advisor

Iwan Muskitta

Community Outreach Advisor

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Program Advisor

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Business Advisor

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Non-Profit Advisor


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